A `designated Country` (Countries With Exchange Agreements With Great Britain)

Hello Bethany, I left a comment on October 10th that seems to have disappeared. I am a British citizen and have had a British driving licence since the 1970s. I moved to Namibia nine years ago, in 2011. To drive in Namibia, I had to exchange my Uk driving licence for a Namibian sadC (South African Development Community) driving licence. I will be back to live in Britain shortly. Do I automatically have the right to exchange it for a UK licence? As your wife has an EU driving licence, she can go up to the age of 70. After this period, she must exchange her driver`s license. If she wishes, she can exchange her Spanish license for a British license before that date. Just follow these instructions here to do so. I`ve done some research, and it seems like your best bet will be to go to the New Zealand Transport Agency. You should be able to request a letter of authorization attesting to your ability to drive a manual car.

Send it to the DVLA at the same time as your application, and your manual authorization should then be transferred to your UK license. I hope it helps. As far as I know, it is impossible to have both permits at the same time. Depending on the province of Canada, you can drive with a Uk driver`s license for up to six months as long as you are a tourist. If you reside, you will need to exchange your UK licence for a Canadian licence. Once back in the UK, you can drive for up to 12 months with your Canadian licence. If you are staying longer in the UK, you will need to exchange your Canadian licence. Hello, I`m wondering if I can exchange my license, which I own, an Australian P2 trial license and change it to a UK license. If you passed your test in the UAE, you have to repeat your test in the UK – you can`t just exchange your license. You have 12 months to drive with your current UK driving licence, but once this period is over, it is no longer valid. After three years, it must be exchanged for a GB license. EU licences can only be renewed in the country where the holder resides.

If a driver has a driving licence from another EU country and renews it in the UK, it is converted into a UK driving licence. Hello Marc, I would inquire with the company with which you want to test a car, it depends on its guidelines. I don`t think you`ll be able to insure it without a license, so either you`ll need to get a new Irish license or wait for DVLA to open. Kat I recently registered my EU license with the DVLA to get a GB driver number so I can take the CBT. I picked up this form yesterday with my EU driving licence. I also tried to book my motorcycle theory exam, but it was said that the gb driver number was not supported – the last three signs of the driver`s license are CLH (Community License Holder) – any idea why? If you have lost your driving licence, you must apply for a certificate of approval from the approval authority of the country in which you took your examination. . . .