Amended And Restated Purchase And Sale Agreement

(e) The seller accepts that his obligations in this section 2.4 apply to an Ellington investor who has acquired an ineligible debt from the purchaser. Accordingly, the seller undertakes to repurchase irresible claims to any Ellington investor on the same terms (including the same repayment price) as indicated for the redemption of debts ineligible to the purchaser. Certain confidential information contained in this document and marked by parentheses was omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. (b) The buyer and seller agree that after the payment of the repayment of an ineligible debt covered by a) (a) (a) this ineligible debt no longer constitutes a claim for the purposes of this agreement and (ii) the purchaser must automatically and without further action, without guarantee or guarantee, transfer to the seller that ineligible debt, but without any participation or disposition on the part of the purchaser. Section 9.6 Buyer Funding. If the purchaser chooses to finance the purchase of neighbouring contracts and rights under this agreement, the seller provides the buyer with the assistance that the buyer can reasonably require to facilitate the conclusion of such a transaction, including, but not limited to, participation in a reasonable number of conference calls and basic diligence that a financial partner may require, unless the seller is required to bear out-of-pocket costs related to such support or b) of a obligation or liability for such a financing. The seller must, upon request, provide the same support to any Ellington investor who chooses to finance the purchase of the economic shares of neighbouring contracts and rights by the buyer. (b) Compliance with the law, etc. compliance and enforcing all contracts on the effective purchase date, in all essential points, with all laws applicable to the seller and contracts, including, but not limited to rules and rules relating to the truth regarding the granting of credits, retail rate sales, fair lending, fair lending, equal collection opportunities, fair collection practices, data protection, environmental issues, work, taxation and ERISA, where it could reasonably be expected, in such a case, to have a negative effect on receivables or on the amount of collections. It will, in all major attentions, respect its obligations under the contracts before the effective purchase date. (f) the purchaser received photocopies of reports of a UCC search of the Delaware Secretary of State with respect to the contracts and related rights; which are acquired on the reference date, reflecting the absence of links on it, with the exception of the Links established under this contract for the benefit of the buyer and/or agent of the property, and with the exception of Links, for which the buyer has received statements or instruments of termination UCC, those of the secure parts l) of the installation copies, etc.