Curtin Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

If the service schedules of a public holiday observed at the university are carried out by mutual agreement between the shift worker and his supervisor, the shift worker may also benefit from a time and half for all hours worked and one hour off instead of any hour worked to be taken within 12 months. 5.2 This agreement replaces the Curtin University of Technology Academic, Professional and General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012 – 2016 and the Curtin University of Technology Staff Agreement 2005-2008, as well as all distinctions and agreements that would otherwise apply to employees covered by this agreement. 5.1 All S SWS salary assessment agreements under the terms of this schedule, including the corresponding percentage of the minimum wage to be paid to the agent, must be submitted by the university to the FWA. 4.2 All evaluations carried out under this schedule must be recorded in an agreement to assess sws salaries and retained by the university as a registration of duration and salaries in accordance with the law. 56.3 Can the university make a decision on appropriate tasks, hours of work and types of work, unless such decisions are inconsistent with the ongoing medical consultation. In seeking an agreement in accordance with paragraph 38.6.4 (a), the supervisor and staff take into account: 62.9 After receiving a written notification of escalation, an appropriate representative of the parties will discuss the dispute and attempt to reach an agreement within five working days, unless another timetable is agreed. For the purpose of allocating the workload, a higher level may be assigned by the research inspection with the agent`s consent as a research activity. 72.5 An officer may ask the director, individuals and culture or candidate to amend the pre-retirement contract in exceptional circumstances that are not controlled by the agent. The application must be supported by relevant information. A change in the pre-retirement contract requires the consent of the employee, the supervisor and the manager, the people and culture or the nominee. Staff are advised to seek financial advice before requesting payment of annual leave. Any acceptance of an application for payment of annual leave must be recorded in a written agreement between the agent and the university.

62.10 Appeals in clauses 62.8 or 62.9 may give rise to an interim decision. When such an intermediate solution is tested, the parties can, if necessary, adjust the deadlines in writing.