Download Eagreements Tool

25 1. Click the notification link to open the Eagrements website. 2. Sign in with your Microsoft account. Note: It`s also possible to create a Microsoft account at this time if you don`t already have one. Unlike OV agreements, the new Eagreements tool allows customers to sign multiple contract packages assigned to the same organization with a single Microsoft account. When connecting, the contract package view opens. 3. Click the document name to view the contents of each document.

4. Check the agreement. 4 For more information on using approvals with other volume licensing programs, refer to the other manual entitled Agreement User`s Guide: Open Value Programs. Note: There may be some minor differences between the Eagres Live tool and the screenshots in this guide. The Eagreements website The Eagreements tool is available under Online Sign-in and creates an open value agreement Microsoft partners can sign in to the Eagreements app based on their role with their domain account, Microsoft account, or Windows Live ID. Sign-in: 1. After signing up, open the Organization Search page and create a new open value agreement so you can start using agreements. 2. Under “To start creating a contract package,” specify one of the following steps: Enter the organization name and city in the appropriate fields. From the Country drop-down list, select the Country field.

Enter the state or province in the State/Province field. OR enter the Public Account Number (PCN) in the Public Customer Number (ASC) field. 4 2 40 Create a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). 42 Log in to eAgrements. 42 Supplement the SPLA Agreement. 44 Select a program. When introducing Windows 8.1 here at Micromail, we tested that the different tools we use will work. One such tool is Microsoft eAgreements software, which partners must use for contract work.

The good news is that it works, but the installation is not seamless. Here`s how we did it. eAcr`s Guide 4 For more information on using eAcgreements with other volume licensing programs, see the other guide, eAcgreements User Guide: Open Value Programs. . Step 1: Registration eAgreement (not really part of the installation, but definitely a pre-application) NB: You must be an administrator for all the above points. eAgreement ユーザーガイド 2 目次 eAgreements スマートカードおよび Web ツール … 5 After approval, sign in with your Microsoft account (Windows Live ID) or partner domain account. Public account number (PCN) and business email address required. 57 Send the addendum to the signature. 57 Renew an SPLA file. 58 Open value.

62 Open value subscription. Art. 63 Company agreement. 63 Enterprise Server and Cloud Recording (SCE). 63 Mandatory order. 64. Thanks to the 4 Select Plus agreements. 65 Enrollment in the Training Solution (SEA). 66 Please provide additional information. 67 Geographical differences.

72 eCord differences in Japan. 72 witnesses (Brazil only). 73. Success of 5 The Smart Client and the Web Tool This guide aims to show Microsoft partners how to use eAgrements to electronically create and send different types of contract packages (agreements) to customers for review and signature. 7 A pencil engraving on the button means that no information has yet been entered in this section. An exclamation mark on the button means that some information is missing and the section is not complete. Just below the six buttons are two fields that display the package status and the Microsoft reseller for the contract. Thanks to me, the 11 Microsoft Sales Affiliate sales packages are managed either by a Microsoft Regional Operations Center (ROC) or by the Microsoft subsidiary for a specific country. The Microsoft Sales subsidiary for this package is listed here. You comment with your account. ( Unsubscribe / Edit ) 44 Previous Agreements.

46 Select the organization. 46 Select Contacts. 49 Review the assigned roles (delete a role). 52 Next steps. 53 Add an academic supplement to an SPLA agreement. Select program 54. 54 Enable or select Sign. 56 Next steps.

56 Overview of the Addendum. Step 4: You can now install the eAgreements software and you need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit if you are running a 64-bit operating system. If you have any questions about this contract package, please contact the ROC or Microsoft subsidiary in your customers` country, as described here. Step 2: Download and install SQL Server Compact 3.5. Enter your details below or click an icon to log in: Access via control panel > Programs > Programs and Feature > Enable or Disable window features. .