Verizon Media Data Processing Agreement

The type of data processed by Verizon Enterprise Solutions depends on the nature of the business. However, when processing data on behalf of its customers, Verizon is likely to circulate on ip; Names Professional email addresses Business phone numbers. Example: Verizon offers professional services to a customer in Belgium. This may include services such as managed security and local security solutions. Under these conditions, Verizon must process customer data. In this way, Verizon will determine how the data will be processed to provide the requested service. We provide you with specific information, as is required under current legislation, to find out how we use your personal data based on the service Verizon provides to you or your company. Unrestricted or altering the pre-meeting, The provider does not specific organisational and technical security measures in the network`s information security conditions, except that the provider has not informed law enforcement authorities, government authorities and/or supervisory authorities (including supervisory authorities) of a breach of personal data with respect to Section 3(3) (i) (i) (i) (i) network security conditions, to the extent that the law is not excluded, law enforcement authorities, government authorities and/or supervisory authorities (including supervisory authorities), until Verizon Media gives written consent to the supplier`s notification (if so). This is the default implementation for processors that use browser cookies to identify a person and/or store data related to a person concerned. A 1 x 1 pixel image is placed on the browser DOM to facilitate communication with the third-party processor. If Verizon is a processor, customers should understand what Verizon is doing with their personal data.

Verizon may also disclose personal data if (i) is required or authorized by law or by law; (ii) to identify, contact or take legal action against persons who may endanger public safety or intervene in Verizon goods or services, including in a procedure necessary to recover the customer`s debt, or against use by our customers or others; or (iii) as part of a planned or actual sale or transfer of some or all of our assets. This information is only provided in accordance with current legislation. The BV file is available here: In addition, transfers may be based on your consent, which we will get at the right time.