Vps Employment Agreement

The community and public sector union and the government have come together on a package of measures to reward you for the important work you do, while ensuring that public services can be delivered in a more responsive manner. The adoption of changing priorities is essential to the creation of a secure and flexible employment framework in the public sector. The parties recognized the importance of ensuring that personnel can be deployed quickly to support government priorities. These measures will improve job security within the VPS and provide more opportunities to advance your career, expand your skills and ensure that employment in the public sector remains secure and flexible. However, there are various agreements that apply to large parts of the Victorian public sector. One of them is the Victoria Public Service Companies Agreement 2020. It contains information on grades, salary levels and other general conditions of employment for the respective ministries and agencies. This policy provides guidance with respect to clause 16.4 of the VPS Agreement, which describes the circumstances in which an employee may be presumed to have ceased employment. As widely reported at the time of the vote on the VPS agreement, employees will receive salary increases of just over 8% over the four-year period of the agreement, as well as related increases in compensation, with the first increases payable as of March 20, 2020. Depending on the grade of a position, a salary range is applied. .